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FAUCET LIGHT - TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED Okay, this is really cool! Or a should we say it's a red hot new gadget? Add a colorful light stream to any faucet with the Temperature Controlled Faucet Light. Unit changes color based upon the water temperature. It's blue when the water is COLD or simply turned on. When the temperature reaches 89° F, it changes to red, this clues you in that the water is HOT! The light shines into the water stream, so the water appears to be glowing red or blue depending on the water temperature! It's a fun gadget -- and functional too! Ideal for the kid’s bathroom, turns your kitchen sink into the life of the party, and is also a smart gift for older people! (They like neat gadgets too!) Works on most USA faucets and includes universal adaptors for 95% coverage. Batteries included.
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